“Vestalia” – for those whom we love…

Soft, friable, crispy, tender, fragrant and melting in the mouth, the biscuit will serve as a great addition for tea or coffee, at work or at home, be it breakfast or evening tea among relatives and close people.

Bright and stylish package along with wide range will definitely attract a customer’s attention, while quality of the product will impress them, what will make you want to buy the “Vestalia” biscuits again and again!


Form of production:
Cookie Butter ( 250 gr);
Cookies Milk (300 gr);
Cookies and Cream frosting (200 gr);
Biscuits Chocolate ( 250 gr);
Traditional cookies (300 gr);
Cookies with Chocolate frosting (200 gr).


Power of the ancient seas

“Diona” is sea salt obtained from the Dead Sea, which possesses great deal of advantages both from nutritional and medical point of view.

Due to the high content of magnesium the salt has a positive effect on health and suits dietary or medical nutrition. Given special natural substances, the salt stabilizes arterial pressure, stimulates functioning of a thyroid, healthy during cardio-vascular diseases. The food made with the salt is good at hypertension.

Coarse-grain salt is used for hot meals cooking. Medium size grain salt is good for ready meals. Fine grain salt in a comfy ecologic cardboard tube, is ideal for use during trips, and due to its laconic and stylish design it perfectly complements a laid table.

Form of production:
Cardboard package, 600 gr.
High class, grinds № 0,1,2

Mill, 100 gr.
High class, grind № 2

Tuba, 250 gr.
High class, grind 0

TM “Assol”(Assalt)™

Each grain has power of nature.

Cooking salt TM “Assol” as a pure natural crystalline chloride sodium.

Salt is one of the most important ingredients at cooking. Salt has a special taste which is familiar to everyone, and without that taste food seems to be vapid. Salt also serves as a preservative, due to the fact that high amount of salt in the water is lethal for living organisms.

In a human body salt plays two important roles: keeps water balance and serves as a material to create hydrochloric acid in gastric juice. Salt also has a great physiological importance for a human organism: it is a vital component of blood, lymph, bile and cellular protoplasm, serves as a regulator of osmotic pressure in cells and tissues, controls water-salt exchange and acid-base balance in the organism.
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Cooking salt
Highest quality
Soft package 700 gr.
Cardboard package 1000 gr.

TM “Narodnaya kukhnya” (National cuisine)™

Warmth of homeland for your table

Russia is home for many ethnicities. Unfortunately, many of which are compelled to live far from their native lands. But, they always keep the memories of home in their hearts.

We have named our salt “Narodnaya” – “National” and there is a reason for it. “Narodnaya kukhnya” is high quality salt, in a colorful package, displaying the different colors of regions, for which it is intended. Our salt will be a valuable item in every kitchen.

Choose the “Narodnaya kukhnya” salt, and let it make you happy every day!

“Narodnaya kukhnya” salt,
Vainakh, Kuban, Don,
Stavropol, Elbrus, Kaspian
High quality, grind №1
Cardboard package 600 gr

“Serdtse morya” “The heart of the sea”™

With love from Sicily

The “Serdtse morya” mineral salt is obtained in the very heart of Sicily - the biggest island of the Mediterranean sea, where one of the biggest salt mines in Europe is located. The salt appeared millions of years ago out of prehistoric oceans and came through to the present days in the form of very solid, monolithic stone salt layers, naturally enriched by magnesium, calcium and other healthy substances and mineral elements.

The salt leaves magical aftertaste. It is preferable to use it to cook healthy food not exposing to the heat treatment.

Production form:
Mill, 100 gr.
Highest class, grind № 2

Cardboard package, 600 gr.
Highest class, grind № 1

Salt “Kristel”™

Quality, traditions, taste

Given the modern pace of life and continuous bastle and race, we begin to think more about our own health and health of our relatives. It is something you can’t pay for.

TM “Kristel” cardboard package is produced only form high quality and ecologically pure material, which allows to preserve product and hand it to a consumer without any loss of healthy properties. There is almost no contact of the product with artificial materials, which rules out the possibility of ingress of any harmful additives during storage.

We don’t use any harmful substances when produce, we don’t want to cause any health issues to our consumer. Our products doesn’t contain any genetic modified components and complies with the standards.


Cooking salt,
soft package, 700 gr., high quality, grind №1
Cooking salt cardboard package, 1000 gr. grind №1

TM “Akcento”™

Accent on your kitchen

It is unlikely that anyone will refuse the fact that herbs add some special flavor in a dish. For instance, Italians love and can use herbs as spices in the kitchen, for example they combine tomatoes with basil, vegetables with thyme and mint.

Spicy herbs are not limited to parsley and dill. Rosemary, thyme, tarragon, marjoram and many others are in this category. Proper mix of herbs, spices and salts is a foundation of culinary. Because each spice has its own determination and taste. Of course, it is really hard to remember all the names, that’s why our specialists have done it for you.

Range of the best herbs, which we have created for you, will help you to surprise your guests and make culinary accent on your kitchen


Tuba, 250 gr.
Garlic, Eastern,
Adygei, Georgian

TM “Ambarel-Classic”™

Easy to get on the shelf, tasty on the table

There are some products, which are simultaneously tasty and incredibly healthy. And even though one rarely meets this combination, such lucky accidents do happen.

Healthy and qualitative “Ambarel” products are good example of aforementioned combination. The most important part during production of cereals is raw material selection. The higher is quality the better and healthier product will be. That is why “Ambarel” carefully picks raw material to produce different cereals.

The diversity of items is really impressive, it includes more than 30 different kinds of cereals – both traditional and exclusively new.


White sugar sand, 1, 3 and 5 kg. pack
Brown sugar sand, 500 gr. And 1 kg, pack
Krasnodar rice, 500 gr., 3 and 5 kg. pack
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Collect a mosaic of tastes

Mosaic symbolizes unforgettable diversity of tastes and impressions. The line of “AMBAREL – MOSAIC” presents great many kinds of cereals, grown in the fruity fields if the South of Russia.

Bright and extraordinary package won’t leave you indifferent. Color designed performed in a mosaic style reminds of small and big joys, which accompany us along the way of our life.

Pearl barley, soft package, 800 gr.,
Buckwheat cereal, soft package, 800 gr.,
Semolina cereal, soft package, 700 gr.,
Corn cereal, white, soft package, 700 gr.,
Corn cereal, yellow, soft package, 700 gr.,
Wheat cereal, soft package, 800 gr.,
Barley, soft package, 800 gr.,
Sugar sand, white, soft package, 900 gr.,
Sugar sand, brown, soft package, 900 gr.,
Rice Kuban and Rice Basmati, soft package, 800 gr.,
Yellow peas, split, soft package, 800 gr..

TM "Ambarel – East (Vostok)"™

East is about taste!

Russia is a very big country and home to great amount of ethnicities, which have their own cuisine, wide variety of national dishes, which are familiar to almost everyone. Palaw, kharcho, musaka, kutya and different garnishes, puddings and deserts.

TM “Ambarel – East” is a specially designed assortment of products which has been optimized for eastern cuisine. Round grained rice and sugar sand are two products to be often met in the eastern dishes. The range of TM “Ambarel – East “ products also includes selected salt in ecologically pure cardboard package, 600 grams.

Round grained rice 2 kg. package.

Sugar sand package with handle 2kg,

Cooking salt, high quality, grind №1 Cardboard package 600gr

"Melenitsa" Flour™

Еraditions of abundance

“Bread is the start of life” says an old proverb. And just come to think of it – bread is the most ancient food cooked by people, out of those which consist of several ingredients and demand lot of effort during cooking.

Tastes differ, so do different kinds of bread. Each country and even its region has its own way of making bread, which relates to customs and traditions.

Flour is the main ingredient of bread, and any other pastry. In order to keep up with the best chefs, flour has to be of a high quality like TM “Melenitsa”


Pastry making wheat flour
High quality
Packages of 2, 5, 10 and 25 kg.

TM "Zimnyaya skazka"™

Selected salt for your table!

From the ancient times salt has always had great value. It was used as a currency, used to be an object of different rites and cults.Today it is widely available.

Salt of the Extra Grind TM “Zimnyaya skazka” is a purest product of high quality, possessing pleasant taste. Salt is the only mineral used by a man in a pure form. Have pleasure using it! Proper and balanced use of salt if good for health.

“Zimnyaya skazka” salt,
Highest quality, grind №0
Cardboard package 600 gr.


“Anisalt” lick briquette includes vitally important organic microelements, which help an animal organism to convert biological and genetic potential into the life energy.

A briquette contains pure food salt, without any stabilizers antibiotics or hormonal drugs, which is pressed into lick briquettes, with density close to that of a monocrystal. The briquettes are water-proof and do not split up under the effect of bad weather conditions, keeping their initial form.

Production form:
4 gram briquette, special cavity for weighing up.
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