Stuff gathering warehouse of the Wholesale-retail base “Kavkazproduct”™

In order to accept applications and quickly dispatch shipment, in 2011 we built a stuff gathering warehouse with the area of 1 200 square meters, capacity of 1 100 pallet places on the company owned territory of 6 000 square meters. The warehouse allows to store up to 6000 thousand tons of production.

Since 2013 we have used electronic Warehouse Management System (WMS): address storage, expiry dates control, inner electronic document turnover. The process of loading and unloading of goods is completely automated.

All our facilities are equipped with the modern means of control, which help to regularly check temperatures of storage, humidity and other important aspects. Strict compliance with the norms of storage totally rules out a possibility of quality reduction, worsening of organoleptic and healthy properties of goods.

Our own vehicle fleet allows us to shorten time limits of order deliverance from a moment of filing of an application.

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