Fitness industry™

Re:Active is a fitness center of a new kind, located in Cherkessk. We offer Re:Active training sessions, aimed at activation of Your organism and achievement of long-term results. We apply the latest fitness-technologies and understand how it is important to waste less time and gain more results.

For your disposal we have:
• Innovative EMS training sessions on the Miha Bodytec training machine
• Massage
• Turkish Bath
• Salt cave
• Vichy shower
• Step aerobics

EMS training sessions™

In the Re:Active fitness center for EMS training sessions we use a training machine produced by German company Miha Bodytec GmbH, which has been designing innovative goods for athletes for 40 years.

The foundation of the training machine’s work is electrostimulation of all muscle groups, including so called sleeping muscles, which are not activated by usual physical loads. The work principle is based on the fact that by virtue of special electrodes the machine sends electronic impulses to muscles, thus making them contract with maximal intensiveness.

Training with EMS you can in no time settle the problem of excess weight and give a good shape to the most problematic parts of your body. The efficiency results of the EMS training sessions considerably surpass the results of usual trainings, and the positive effects covers all the age groups.



Massage is an effective addition to sport activities and a self-sufficient curing procedure. It is considered that massage, performed before training sessions, warms muscles up and intensifies blood inflow. It stimulates acceleration of biological processes in muscle tissues and consequently makes all the following exercises more efficient.

If training sessions are aimed at loss of weight, then massage is performed after trainings. Liquid is usually redistributed through a body after training. The excess liquid is concentered in adipose tissues. What becomes a spot of intensive blood inflow and is a good substratum for massage procedures. Mechanical impact is represented by the use of different lymph drainage technics and allows to remove accumulated liquid from a body.

Massage in the Re:Active fitness club is performed by experienced masters, who use all popular technics, which have proved to be efficient.

Turkish Bath™

Get truly satisfied by visiting the Turkish bath, healthy properties of which were pointed out even in the ancient times. During the procedures Your body gets completely relaxed, spinal ache fades away and Your thoughts become clear. Visit of the Turkish bath has a recreational effect on the whole organism:

• Metabolism is improving;
• Due to natural properties of high temperature steam, an organism’s pores open and skin gets completely cleaned;
• Excess weight is burnt as well as all the toxins and slags are removed from a body;
• Work of the cardio-vascular system gets improved.

Visit of a Turkish bath is some kind of a rite, which is passed down through generations. Beginning with a highly comfortable relaxation room, where in Your body gets relaxed, You proceed to a high temperature room where all Your organism gets totally purified. The procedure ends up with traditional refreshing cup of tea. You can as well include procedures of a special wrapping and peeling, which will accelerate the process of Your body recreation.

Salt cave™

Salt cave is a place, where everything including walls and furniture is covered in salt, that creates unrepeatable microclimate which positively affects curing of many illnesses.

Comfortably reconstructed cave, given the great amount of positively charged ions, conditions fast recovery during the following illnesses:

• Respiratory system illnesses (asthma, cold, panting, cough, pneumonia, Acute respiratory system viral infection);
• Nervous system illnesses, stress, irritability, bad sleep;
• Allergy;
• Skin deseases (dermatitis, acne, acne rash);
• Problems with excess weight and cellulitis;
• Cardio-vascular deseases and metabolism impairment.


The summer sun generously gives us a sense of celebration, beauty and youth - all that we miss so long on winter days. Fortunately, now, having a good tanning bed in the nearest beauty salon or sports club is saving the situation. A tanning bed is not only good because it gives our skin a pleasant tanned hue. It achieves a good cosmetic and therapeutic effect: the skin is cleansed, muscles are warmed up, which contributes to relaxation, the lungs are disinfected. And all this is due to the fact that the energy of light has a beneficial effect on a number of processes taking place in the body, for example, on metabolism, which has long been used even in the treatment of various diseases.

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