The “KPRG” company specializes on production of high quality, ecologically pure cereals of medium and prime class, as well as production of food salt of a prime class.
Our company produces exclusively natural, healthy and ecologically pure products. The best raw material, modern production and strict quality supervision allow to provide the market with the best stuff in this field.

CEO Aslan Khartsyzov

The TM “Aмбарель” and TM “Мозаик” are produced by modern, reliable and highly technological machinery, which allows a cereal to keep healthy properties, which are important for a human organism, given the modern pace of life. The company applies the scheme of multy-level raw material control, which was designed by highly qualified specialists, which allows a grain to keep all healthy properties and acquire amazing taste as a finished product.

The production rules out the use of harmful substances and additives, which may have a negative impact on a consumer’s health. Our products don’t contain genetically modified components and complie with all sanitary norms and regulations, which is confirmed by respective certificates.

The production of the “KPRG” company is a liquid product in the category of groceries. And has high marginal revenue.

Politicts in the sphere of quality management

Company in digits

The company has been gradually and constantly evolving since 1993 (the end of the XX century), taking care of both quality and ecological purity of the production. Today we have:

modern production workshops
names of products
our own trademarks
square meters of trade and production facilities
years of flawless work
Launch of the production of TM “Bakalavr” and TM “Ambarel mosaic”. Planning of the production of prime class TM “DIONA” salt, preparation of TM “National cuisine” and “ACENTO” for the production. Preparation of a retail network “Bakalavr” for opening in Moscow.
The opening of an innovative EMS fitness center of RE:Active trainings. Launch of packaged cereals and salt TM “Assol”, TM”AMbarel Vostok” and TM “Kristel”.
Opening of a distribution center.
Launch of packaged prime class cereals TM “Ambarel classic”
Launch of the economy class cereals TM “Kavkazproduct”
Expansion of the trade area up to 3500 square metres. Wholesale trade of cereals and oils.
Trade area of 12 square meters. Wholesale trade of flour and sugar.
Development of retail and production spaces
2015 85 000 м2
2014 84 500 м2
2012 67 300 м2
2009 66 164 м2
2007 11 814 м2
2005 6 360 м2
1997 3 500 м2
1993 12 м2
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