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“KAVKAZPRODUCT” discounter store

The first discount store on the territory of the North Caucasus Federal district and the Southern Federal district. Was opened in June of 2013. The type of the store is a “soft” discount store, inspired by the example of the German company ALDI.
the store’s address:

Boutique store “Meat King” (Miasnoy korol)

The first and the biggest in the South of Russia, prime meat store, with the area of 1000 square meters. According to the results of Criocabin research the store was listed in TOP 10 the most beautiful stores of the world.

The restaurant store “Meat King” presents special meat products with fruit, vegetable and culinary departments. The best sorts of meat and poultry, elite half-finished meat and shashlik cooked in accordance with the best recipes, fruits and vegetables, lavash and sauces – all that is necessary for a royal feast.

The store’s address: Krasnodar, Pokryshkina street 30.
Web site: www.miasnoy-korol.ru

Discount store “S*Mart”

The first store under this brand was opened in March of 2014. The area is 1000 square meters. The second one was opened in August of 2014. The type of the store is “tough” discounter. The area is 300 square meters. 2016 - opening of the third store under the brand.

The store’s address

Household goods hypermarket “DOMIX”

The first household goods hypermarket in the Karahcay-Cherkess republic. Three floors of unique goods in the following categories: household goods, interior items, garden decorating items, kitchen items, bedroom stuff, everything for rest.

The address: Cherkessk, Octyabrskaya street, 380 B
Web site: www.domix.ru

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